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Deleted Scenes

Deleted Scenes
DVD Features
Scene 1: Back from the Future
Scene 2: Main Titles
Scene 3: Hill Valley, 2015

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Originally when Doc, Marty, and Jennifer arrived in the year 2015, a hovercycle was to cross their paths before the taxi was.



Griff: Yumping Looking Punk!

Marty: Hey Look!

The line was later changed to "Alright, Punk!". A theory may be that people may not have picked up on what yumping looking punk actually means, what Zemeckis and Gale were trying to do was introduce a new vocabulary of words from the future, they used words that would sound new so that the audience would pick up on it (eg. low-rez scumball, tranks, lobos, and zipheads.)



Terry: Lightning struck that thing, 60 years ago [Marty: Yeah I know], November 12, 1955 I always remember that day do you know why? Because this old buzzard tried to shaft me outta 300 bucks for fixing his car.

Biff: Oh Shut Up Terry!

Terry: The car was filled with manure Biff, manure. I am a mechanic, I'm not some kind of stable boy!

Biff: Ah! You're livin in the past Terry!



Marty Sr:...Dad's Home

Computer: Lord of the Manor

Marty Sr: Hello Hello

Computer: King of the Castle

Marty Sr: Hello. What the hell is this?

Computer: Lithium Mode On

Marty Sr: Yeah. That's better, Damn Kids. Hey son, watchin a little TV for a change? Is that my Mom? Is that my Mom?

Lorraine: Marty!

Marty Sr: Hey Princess!

George: Hi Son.

Marty Sr: Dad, what the hell happened, You throw your back out again?

George: Oh, I was out on the golf course.

Marty Sr: C'mon Dad, I told you to watch that backswing.

Lorraine: No, he was hit by a car it just fell out of the sky, he could have been killed.

George: And I was 2 under Par.

Lorraine: I don't know what this world is coming to. Marty, how was work?

Marty Sr: I'm tellin ya that big promotion is right around the corner. Anyway, I'm starving let's eat. Come on son, let's go, it's dinner time.

Marty Jr: Dad, I'm watching these programs.

Marty Sr: Mister, we aet at the dinner table when your grandparents are here, put your damn glasses on, huh?

Marty Jr: Dad, I can only watch two shows at once on these things.

Marty Sr: Yeah, you kids really got it rough, when I was your age, I wanted to watch two shows at once, I had to put two sets next to each other.



Lorraine: Here you go.

Marty Sr: Oh Boy, Oh Boy Mom, you sure can hydrate a pizza. I'm sorry I missed that whole thing.

Lorraine: Well, I think it would be nice if we threw a little party.

Marty Sr: Now Mom, before we throw anymore parties for Uncle Joey, let's wait and see if he makes parole.

Lorraine: George, will you rotate your axis, it's not good for your digestion if you eat while you're inverted.

George: Okay Dear, Fore!

Marty Sr: Uh Marlene, honey pass the kelp.

Marlene: No, I don't want to so nub off!

Lorraine: Marlene, don't talk to your father that way.

Marlene: Grandma I'm on the phone.

Marty Jr: I'd like some tea please.

Marlene: Look I'm gonna have to call you back.

Lorraine: I still think we shouldn't have started eating without...

Marty Sr: Damn It! Marlene! Pass the damn kelp of tea!

Lorraine: Why isn't she home yet?

Marty Sr: I'm not sure where Jennifer is Mom, should have been home hours ago but I'm havin a hard time keepin track of her these days, she's in one of those moods again or something.

Marty Jr: Fruit Please, Thank You!

Lorraine: Aren't you and Jennifer getting along...



This is a scene that was cut from the film. It is shown right before Marty talks with Needles, it shows Jennifer watching while Marty fixes his double-knotted tie.



Lorraine: But it says You're Fired.

Marty: Oh!!

Lorraine: Oh...Oh My Goodness!

Marty: She's Tranqued Again!



Einie: [Barking]

Doc: Come On Einie. Einie! [Whistling]. Come on boy we're goin home, inside, inside, get in there.

Biff: [Moaning in Pain]



Marty: This is nuts.



3-D: And don't ever come beggin for drinks in here again, you friggin lush.

Dave: Can't you guys take a joke?

Marty: Dave, Dave?!

Dave: Marty! What's happenin bro? Say, your're lookin kinda ragged, did you sleep in your clothes again last night?

Marty: Dave, Dave my god what happened to you? What happened to the town, what hell is goin on here?

Dave: So when did you get back?

Marty: Back? Back from where?

Dave: Well, if you don't know, I don't know, say let's go have a drink.

Marty: Dave, I gotta find Mom and Dad?

Dave: Dad? You gotta find Dad? What's the matter with you anyway? And since when are you and Mom on speakin terms again?

Marty: Speakin Terms...Where is she Dave? Tell me where I can find Mom?

Dave: Same place as usual I there!



Doc: Great Scott

The pronunciation by Doc in this scene was originally supposed to be different. It was to be delivered more quickly than that which was seen on screen.


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